Starbell Gerbils


Our Gerbils and Breeding Pairs



Here is Comet, our favorite little boy. He is a beautiful healthy, young silver nutmeg.



partner:  Starlight




This is Starlight. She is a beautiful black pied and has won many blue ribbons at the gerbil show.. She also has an adorable little heart shaped marking on her forehead which you might be able to see in our albums.


partner: Comet



The latest news: .04



Sorry it's been so long since I've updated but we have a new litter around. look on the available page for the new ones.





 Cassiopeia  (Cassie)


This is Cassie, the newest member of our clan. She is single but very kind. She has inherited all of the good looks from her mom and dad.I expect big things out of her ;)



partner: none- yet