Starbell Gerbils



Buying a Gerbil

  1. How do I reserve a gerbil from you?

    Easy!  Just send us an email.  Let us know you are interested, and we can either put one on hold for you, or add you to the litter's wait list. :)

  2. What kind of cage should I get for my gerbil?

    There are many fine cages on the market, but we recommend the simplest; use an aquarium!  Aquariums are inexpensive and easy to clean.  They provide easy access to your pets and give plenty of room for gerbil toys and houses. 

  3. Why is it better to buy a gerbil (or any pet) from a breeder vs. a pet store?

    We learned the answer to this question the hard way. I hope you can benefit from our lessons learned:

    • Gerbils bred by breeders are hand tamed from birth. They are given love and attention from humans as well as their parents. The babies quickly learn that hands = fun and are not something to be afraid of.

    • Breeders purposefully breed gerbils for their health, temperament, and beauty. We study gerbil genetics and work to bring out positive attributes, such as unusual colors, spotting, and straight tufty tails.

    • Although there are many nice pets that come from pet stores, many of these pets were sold to the pet stores from wholesalers. Wholesalers are notorious for breeding small animals in overcrowded, unhealthy environments. It is common to see sick and frightened animals at these stores. I'm not saying ALL pet stores buy from wholesalers, but most do.

    We recommend saving yourself some heartache by getting your pets from reputable breeders. Your chances of ending up with healthy, friendly, and active little pets will bring many smiles to your household.

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